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Road bar.
    "We are waiting to see what people coping style Cheap MBT Shoessinger. In addition, we sent a reconnaissance unit has information that?

Do not let the Ku Sita outposts, reconnaissance and sabotage our work." Yang

Eagle back to Cagliari said.
    "Yes, sir. Our continued reconnaissance work, in fact, a recent stellar systems XIV good news came, where there are two

planets, stars can be opened into the mineral." Cagliari

Ying Yang said the front of the back.
    "What this is not good." Yang Ying laughed, turned and said: "The remaining ten abandoning a stellar system if we have

any message you leave me high. Now down before your busy you do it."
    "Yes." Cagliari should be a cry, a ceremony of respect, out of the room.
    Next, the other star systems has gradually returned reconnaissance reports, but did not sing together again two of

mineral matter in a galaxy, the final report of all the back after thirty, statistics

Down, a total of eight mineral found in stars, is also expected to figure on top!
    To know the battle ran from thirty to all the reports published. A total of twelve hours of the time also, in this half-

day in the eight minerals are the stars, this is the explosion of resources is higher civilization

Era! Resources will worry about dry times scorpion!
    Thirteenth patrol boats that dragged the injured hull war returned to the solar system the way through the repair

shipboard Farm, has been largely without problems, the ship's captain and crew of what has happened, more details on the

general staff

Detailed account of the side of the ship again the information stored in mainframe computer out, after a summary after the

conclusion of this outpost, only now it seems, really just to look into the solar system

    Two days later, in Earth orbit IPL suddenly flashed a series of dazzling, a singer from the composition of sub-two

thousand ships sailed out of the space fleet, came to the solar system.
    The fleet, was sent to follow Xinni force command.
    Although Runge has to go, but still remain in force Xinni solar system, Yang Ying and singer guess she should have a deep

relationship between the military and may even she herself is a singer, senior officers in the military

. Singer who was the status of women than men in the race, the highest element is the Queen, the Cabinet officials also many

by women, more women in upper class has an absolute advantage, I am afraid this is also the first singer

Four master Yafei is about women.
    Star fleet just come in, Xin Nidi singer embassy in a virtual holographic meeting was held. Le Kinsey, Joseph Needham, as

well as holes from the carcasses were involved in the heart into the two masters, Yang Ying also received

Invitation to attend the meeting.
    "Gentlemen, thank Ying Yang, head of the mercenary group, and Portland. In XIII galaxy in Star who is the Ku Sita

outposts, I think we should take advantage of their weak footing, Li hurried from the attack. Will he

They uprooted! "
    Singer who is a peace-loving race and music, there is a premise, that is, in the absence of Ku Sita in the presence of

stars who, once encountered, and what about people Ku Sita stars, singers who stand

Becomes a pair of carved face. Are like Kudachoushen looks like.
    "From now on the circumstances, it stars people would not Ku Sita to attack the solar system, just waiting to see it,

need to use such drastic measures. Will they remove it?" The new Army Chief of Staff of the Earth

. Randolph Road Marshal question.
    Yes, Randolph had reached his official fan dreams to be a marshal, as two of Marshal Duncan and Schmidt, died in a

military headquarters building of the original ball, Alexander could have been Ken Di

Faction who defected during the revolution, in order to avoid misfortune and offered to old-age retirement home, place the

four special forces have been to the Third Marshal, Needham only one person alone, so the original Third Fleet Division

Randolph will be made to advantage of the opportunity for promotion into Field Marshal, took over the restated the military

chief of staff of the new duties of the Earth.
    "Please be assured that the operation just. Pool ball off Dan, who were singers from our starting positions. Positions

were also known by our singer site shell, not to special forces out of a single soldier, just out of the polite, only to give

you a

Notified soon, the earth does not know this whenMBT Shoes UK the government can. "
    Xinni forced sound crisp, attractive. But say the words, but it is categorical, and even contains a trace of murderous.

Randolph felt that from an ice flow up the spine, straight into the skull.

Not help shuddering.
    Good to excellent fuel the Na added: "Singer and the Ku Sita Star's fleet, meet at any place, will be marked with a, this

is only the most ordinary things and did not have to hesitate

, The distant stars, the daily number of sisters who died in the fighting and the Ku Sita in the Star. We are here just to

receive some interest. "
    If all this were said, the people can advise what is it?
    After the meeting, Yang Ying Xin Ni forced to come around and said: "Master, please take a step Ying Yang words
    Ying Yang Xin Ni forced to see his face lightly, do not see her Hanzhu own reasons, but also like to hear her say

something, then nodded his head.
    They came to a small conference room next door. Xin Nidi taking the door, and Yang Ying directly into the wall, this is

only a holographic image.
    "Ying Yang master mercenary group in charge of Portland, have not thought about what to do later?" Xinni forced to look

seriously asked Road.
    To tell the truth, Yang Ying recently, think about this question, since the demise of the ancient army, the Atlanta

mercenary group in the solar system asteroid belt, there is no enemy There is also sporadic pirate, but acted in a self

Inter will be able to burn out, did not challenging.
    And like the Council, the Caribbean, thanks to ape education. These can cause a little concern about the potential of his

excellence, but has long been hidden without a trace, even to find out, is no longer there in the past when the Atlanta

mercenary group is also weak,

Brought about a strong challenge.
    Ying Yang is in the hands of a military arm. No military armed enemy is not necessarily a good thing, there is no enemy,

there is no combat, no combat, the military's development will slow down. Many

Tactics for granted was not to be alone, need to practice to verify, and the best practice. Than actual combat, we must

always maintain the army's combat effectiveness, it is necessary to find an enemy army, at least

There is also imaginary.
    Council, the Caribbean, thanks to ape religion, has not qualified for the role of this imaginary enemy, need to find a

new one.
    Yang Ying in thought.
    Forced to see Yang Ying Xin Ni did not speak, then said: "As far as I know, Atlanta is not the Earth the regular army

mercenary group, but is a mercenary, then it can be hired mercenaries in the war?"
    "Yes." Ying Yang nodded.
    "In this case, the master Yang Ying know. Orion arm of the industry are also mercenaries, and the number of very many."

Xinni forced smile.
    "Orion Arm also mercenary?"
    This is one thing Young eagles do not know, captain of his men must have known this three expeditions, but summon

somebody to surrender the time is too short, there are many things that did not had time to ask.
    "Yes, a battle between high culture. How will the less mercenary?" Xinni Di slowly said, "In fact, Orion Arm, mercenary

has a huge strength of this collective, and even formed a

Orion Arm mercenary Association, a powerful cross-Star organization is not controlled by any one of higher civilization. "
    Ying Yang, heart filled with a hint of interest: "appreciate further details."
    Xinni forced nodded his head, and she came to Young Eagle is to this matter: "mercenary guild to accept a variety of

tasks entrusted to, mostly, and the war. Or at least some of the work of adventure, only

If the higher civilization, no matter what race can join. Like fighting people in order to exercise their own race Loya,

there are many to become mercenaries, everywhere to participate in war exercises themselves. The most technologically

advanced race

Crow people, but also the channel through the mercenary pilot their new weapons.
    Garland Star, who is both. "
    "By mercenary? Their regular army could do?" Yang Ying asked.
    "Garland stars who Saike Luo and rarely played Loya's regular army, at their height. Who has long been the enemy or

destroy them, or annexation, to know that not every race is like

We sing, singer and Ku Sita, like, a thousand years evenly matched battle, not a winner. "Xinni Di Road, shook his head,"

Orion Arm evenly matched first prize has no enemies.

They did not hatred between each other, will not easily go to war, so let them practice their own. Test new weapons, and only

in the field of a mercenary. "
    "I see." Yang Ying thinking to myself. Orion armMBT Shoes Clearance  and his first prize also encountered similar problems, and Xin Nidi have

said here. Already very clear intention, "Xin Nidi master is

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